Thursday, March 5, 2009

Unfortunately, Jesus died for you too.

So I just was informed that Fred Phelps and the Wesboro Baptist Church are coming to Albany tomorrow to spread around their hatred.

They are going to protest both SUNY Albany and Albany High School, which they claim are both "fag-infested".Apparently, these kids drove them away. Here's hoping a similar thing will happen tomorrow.

The WBC wants everyone to know that God hates them and that He is punishing us for not obeying His commands and killing homosexuals. Or something like that.

Also, they think Obama is the antichrist. I really thought Bush was better suited for that role. Did people think that JFK was the antichrist?

I want to know what sort of crack they are smoking before they sit down to read their bibles. I want to know what they think when they read passages condemning pharisees. Did they miss the entire character of Christ?

I don't usually broadcast my faith because as I've matured I've come to realize that no one wants to be beaten over the head with anything. However, I can't help but rant about this!

And what about the whole book of Galatians? Do they not realize that they are bigoted legalists?

You can go up to a drunken hobo on the street and tell him he has a problem, but I doubt he will care or listen to you. However, if you have a friend with an alcohol problem, and he or she knows that you care deeply about him or her, and you go about it with love and respect, that friend is much more likely to listen to you.

Also, just because you see something as a problem doesn't mean that person does. If someone doesn't care about God, why would they care about things God says are sins? If we had to clean up first in order for God to love us: 1. No one would ever make it, and 2. There wouldn't be need for Jesus.

But there would be, and that's just it. The WBC puts the cart before the horse, and if Jesus were around today, he would probably be at the Oh Bar, getting to know the locals. And the WBC would crucify Him. Or drag Him behind a car.

This is one of those times I sort of wish that I didn't believe that Jesus died for everyone. Like Fred Phelps. But I do believe that Jesus died for everyone, even bigots.