Monday, March 9, 2009

The Armory Show - Christine Hill & Volksboutique

Woman after my own heart. I did not quite need to mention this other thing I am drawn to to my friend, who had heard me yak about hand painted signs for at least a year. This is one of the things I hope to learn to do within the next few years, and perhaps there are a few old timers around willing to have me on as an apprentice.

I'm not sure if apprenticeship is still looked upon fondly by people with such a business, but I'm always scheming ways to become someone's apprentice to learn a skill or trade.

The hand-painted signs of Volksboutique's Armory Apothecary screamed to me from across the fair. While I never quite fully digested what it was Hill was doing and selling, I was inspired by the kinship.

Perhaps Hill was selling inspiration in the form of prescriptions and peppermint candies.

I like that she describes her work as projects. This is most likely the label I will adopt for what I'm beginning to do.

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caroline said...

You should absolutely try to work with her or apprentice, or even just go visit and learn more about what she's doing. Her signs are also quite beauitful.