Thursday, March 31, 2011


At the end of 2009, in lieu of holiday cards, I stole a trick from Hank Green and send out surveys. I did not receive one back from everyone, but the ones I did get back were more heartwarming and exciting to read than I'd expected. I kept a lot of Hank's question's, but changed a few. Here are the question's I asked:

1. How long have you known Emily?

2. What do you want from me?

3 What have you been up to this past year? (please be as detailed as possible, because I actually want to know.)

4 How much longer do you think you'll be doing what you're doing?

5 Why are you doing it?

6 What do you want to be doing?

7 What's next in your life?

8 How You Doin'?

9 What's the best book you read this year?

10 Describe a perfect day.
11 How are you feeling about kids these days?

12 (- In this space, compose your own question, and answer it -)

13 If you’ve seen these sorts of things, what is your favorite viral video? 

14 If you were a cliché, what cliché would you be?

15 Do you subscribe to magazines? Which ones?
16 What is your least favorite part of any given day?

17 What was the last thing that you made using your hands?

18 Cheese or Chocolate?

19 Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

20 What was your first concert?

21 If you could start a business that would be instantly successful, what kind of business would it be?

22 Invisibility or Time Travel?

And here are a smattering of answers I received. If you want me to attribute your answers to you, let me know and I can do that. I'm otherwise going to leave it anonymous.

1. answers range from a short amount of time to 6+ years to my entire life
2. jewelry that I've made / patience / beautiful artwork / nothing
3. DUI / raising children / moved to MA / pretended to be a grown up (sort of)/ almost went for an MFA @ Pratt / almost went to school for illustration at FIT / cried / played music / finished a Master's in Literacy / moved in with friends / moved in with significant other / got a job
6 reading & facebook / pretty much the same thing in a warmer place with more creative time / writing / writing something else / writing narrative fiction / honestly no idea / be treated as a professional

maybe I'll add more later. I'm a bit tired of doing this right now