Friday, July 30, 2010

Feet in the Canal.

Attractive policeman: "Hey hun, where you going?"

Me: "Uh.... to try to cool down?"

A.P.: "Anyone else with you?"

Me: " it ok that I put my feet in the water?"

A.P. "............................yeah."

I love where I live.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today I got really excited because someone showed me that there IS an Apple Tablet computer. It's Wacom-Tablet-esque and everything, and even comes with a stylus for DRAWING IN PHOTOSHOP (no one on the internet seems to understand my desire for this. It's just that I want to combine a wacom tablet with an ipad with a regular computer, but noooo, all the fanboys and girls FLIP OUT everytime I comment anywhere about wanting this. They think I'm trolling. It's really more about me hoping that if I express my desire in enough places, the message will get back to apple and they'll design my dream product). ANYHOW. I was informed of a product made NOT BY APPLE but by a different company using macs.

I'm not sure if it is touch sensitive because everything they show uses the stylus....I haven't seen what sort of keyboard setup it has, and....well....there is the price.

$899?! I need it!

And then I looked a little more carefully: that is the price with a CUSTOMER-SUPPLIED base computer. Damn. A little under 2 grand for them to build you one with a computer that you DON'T have to purchase. So much for that. I like that it exists, but for that price, I think I'll just keep waiting and see if Apple puts out the exact product I'm hoping for. I mean, after all, I held out for a product like the iPhone...but then it turned out I'd have to change carriers, and ....let's just say I'm still holding out.

The whole reason I started looking into this today was because of some stupid app that someone tweeted about this Flipboard App, which really seems like a beautiful program, but it's only available on the iPad ....sooo getting this modded computer wouldn't make me any more able to use it than I currently am.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This happened to me last summer. Like, seriously, dude? Why would you buy me a drink if you thought that? Whatever, thanks anyway. It doesn't matter my hair length or anything either. I've had people ask me these same three questions with really long hair and with really short hair, with very different styles of dress. Oh well.