Saturday, March 14, 2009

Indie Bands for Ads for Brands

Though I'm unable to find it, a few years ago, in a hostel in Madrid a TV broadcasted, mostly unwatched, from the kitchen. At one point I looked up because I noticed music from a song I was particularly fond of - Tiny Paintings from Architecture in Helsinki, if my memory serves me. The music was accompanying the ad for a TV Channel self-promo spot. Maybe Canal Cuatro?

Not long after, my friend Allie told us all that she had heard Of Montreal in an Outback Steakhouse ad. We all told her she was crazy until 15 minutes later when Jesse burst in the door claiming the same thing.

Later I heard an American TV ad Featuring another Architecture in Helsinki song.

Mates of State got into the act, making an appearance in theirs.

And my mom, who loves Regina Spektor, is always telling me about how she's heard her in commercials.

I know it isn't TV, but in a Wal-Mart in Mexico last summer, the ambient music being played included Peter Bjorn and John (In addition to James Taylor's Ohhh Mexico)

This is hardly related.

So none of this really upsets me. What does upset me, however, is when companies blatently rip off the style of a popular underground musician for their own benefit.

Case in Point?

Watch all of these Comcast ads.

Not familiar with Kimya? Start by listening to Tree Hugger by Antsy Pants (Kimya & Friends)

Some MP3s via her site: The Beer
I like Giants

And read this blog post by Kimya.

Heartless leeches.

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