Monday, March 9, 2009

The Armory Show - Kwang-Young Chun

Kwang-Young Chun is a Korean artist whose work involves wrapping Styrofoam triangles with mulberry paper taken from old books. Then, these triangles are wrapped with string, and apparently tied together to construct free standing or wall-mounted sculptures. The piece that drew me was titled "Aggregation ". I had earlier explained to my friend the things that draw my attention at something as hectic as an art fair: New Tricks, Things Demonstrating Extraordinary Amount of Skill, Figurative With A Subject Matter That I Like, and Things That Relate To My Concerns or To My Art.

Chun fits into the new tricks and skill category. Though I'm sure it was tedious, his work paid off with beautifully undulating triangles that increased and decreased in size while shifting slightly in hue. My eyes enjoyed his work, finding solace in the repetition of shape, and recreation in the variety of sizes and colors.

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