Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why The Believer is the greatest non-glossy mag.

1. The perfect mix of intellectual exercise with snark with ridiculousness.

2. These excerpts from Jack Pendarvis' "The Fifty Greatest Things That Just Popped Into My Head":

42. Lists of fifty things in magazines - Thought provoking! Not a waste of time at all.

40. Bacon -I know a vegetarian who eats bacon. That's how good bacon is.

31. Flags of the world

22. Monocle

15. Velvet

9. Cheese - From brie to cheddar, there is no denying the wide-ranging appeal of cheese.

7. Blog - Do you want to know what someone is thinking? Simply read his or her blog!

6. Autumn - The classy name for fall.

4. Unicorn

2. A magic top hat

3. Amazing illustrators.

I don't think I need to provide any more reasons.

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