Thursday, June 11, 2009

...where nobody knows you and nobody gives a damn.

Today, after watching the Coasters and the Platters (the bands, not the things to set your consumables on) and crossing some train tracks, my mom and I went to get into her car. Some people, parked too close to us on the passenger side, attempted to get into their car at the same time I tried to get into my mom's. Fumbling with my cell phone (SubFinder calling, as always), I replied a confused "why?" to the apologies of these fellas.

"Because we're in your way," said one.
"You're cute!" said another.

"Thanks," I said, as if he had complimented my haircut or outfit.

Once inside the car, I recounted the conversation for my confused mother.
"..and then the one told me I was cute, and I said thanks."

"Oh," she remarked, "that's because you have hair."

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