Monday, June 22, 2009


So, Detroit...I tried to find your good parts. I really did.

Maybe it doesn't help that I only spent a few hours in Detroit, and just wandered around by myself. Maybe.



Pierogies at the Old World Polish Cafe (or something like that)

Weird Record Shop / Thrift store / Screen printing place

Wig Shop

East Market:

Cheap Charlie's

Potential Michael Cera sighting?

Apparently they were filming a movie called "Irishmen."

I stopped, turned to somebody sitting near one of the movie tents. "Is that Michael Cera?"

He paused. He looked over his shoulder for a few seconds. He looked back and me for a few seconds. "No," he said flatly.

The guy at the counter at Cheap Charlie's asked me if I'd heard about the new bike trail. Apparently, they've just finished it. They're even going to pipe in music, apparently. There was a third attraction that he mentioned, but I can't recall it.

Also, the speed limit heading into Detroit is a frightening 75mph. Motor city, indeed.

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