Saturday, June 6, 2009

Treasures Purchased Recently

This is just the highlights, mind you.

1. Necklace, Art on Lark: The Sea Robin's Song
2. American Family Scale, Albany / Church-Sale-Fill-a-Box-for-$5
3. Metal Citrus Squeezer, Ditto
4. Sewing Paraphernalia, Ditto
5. Some sort of Grinder or Juicer? Ditto
6. Suite Porch Light, Ditto
7. A Present for Ian, Ditto
8. Vintage Patterns, Guilderland / 10 for $1
9. Patterns, Ditto
10. Metal Canisters, Albany / $2 for all (because I wasn't taking them if it was $3)
11. Spools of Thread, Guilderland / I have no idea how much these were individually, I had a heap of things (a spool of piping, patterns, pocket clock) for $6
12. Rusty Thermometer / Scarf Albany, 50c (I'm fairly certain it does not work. / $5 Box
13. Vintage Patterns(10 for $1 Guilderland)
14. Hanging planter $5 box-o-crap.
15. Plastic Letters?Guilderland $1
16. Pocket Clock Guilderland, $6 heap-o-crap (I'm fairly certain it does)

I think I might start selling vintage patterns on Etsy. Then maybe people searching for a specific something might be excited by my earrings.

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