Friday, June 26, 2009

Mt. Rushmore

Everyone talks such trash on Mt. Rushmore. Quite honestly, if everyone hadn't talked such trash, I probably myself would be doing so. I had such low expectations of the place that the reality of it was pleasantly surprising. Though it would cost something like $10 to park, I drove around a curve and put my car in (what I later realized to be) a staff parking lot.

Mt. Rushmore is always pictured without the surrounding structures, as though you have to hike somewhere or go to some field to find it. There is a gift shop, a museum, a theatre in the little complex. And unexplained flags.

People hype up Crazy Horse. I wasn't impressed. I am 99% convinced that my reactions to these sculptures are a result of false expectations because of the stories of others. Maybe Crazy Horse would be impressive, if they had gotten more of it completed.

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