Friday, September 11, 2009

...and then I stop eating.

Sometimes, when my kitchen gets really messy, I just look for already-prepared or just-heat-me-up sort of foods. When I eat all of those, I sometimes more or less stop eating.
I cleaned my kitchen the other day. A clean kitchen just begs to be used. I used it to make bread. Mmmmmm....

and a video.


Fraggle said...

Our kitchen is a MESS right now. can't wait to clean it, step-by-step!

and my favorite favorite thing to do this year is bake bread. May I ask what this easy recipe is??

and last, I think your kitchen is adorable :)

Emily said...

As they say on youtube, link in the sidebar. (and if you're watching it on youtube, you'll see that I'm being serious)

OK so it is 3c flour, 1.5 c warm water, 1/4 t yeast, 1.5 t salt, combine, let rise 12 hours, remove, fold over a few times, let sit 1 hour, shape into a loaf, preheat oven and bowl part of your dutch oven (I use a lidded casserole dish) 400deg. Once oven is preheated, drop in dough, place on lid, bake 30mins, remove lid, bake 15mins, done.

Fraggle said...

Wooo hooo thank you :)