Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm fascinated: Genderless parenting

I once heard a story on This American Life ( I think the episode was Somewhere Out There) about two transgendered children, two little boys who would like to be recognized as little girls. The thing which struck me most was that they said they didn't think of themselves as boys or as girls, but just as people.

If this is so, then why not accept your gender, but not the socially constructed implications? Sure, I'm male, but I like to wear dresses and play with dolls and have long hair.

A Swedish couple have recieved a lot of attention from their decision to keep their child's gender a secret. I'm interested to see how the child ends up, but unfortunately, the couple is my age. This will not assist me in time to make parenting decisions.

....because if I'm not married by 30, I'm probably going to look into adopting, and 6 years isn't enough time for a kid to grow up.

The article:

EDIT: I might as well take over Ally's blog theme.

John Green's video tonight concerned gender identity:


Picked Off said...

That was one of my favorite TSAs ever.

Also, did you know you posted the blog of my co-worker?

Emily said...

TSA stands for?

Is your co-worker Lydia, John&Hank, Ally, or Kanye?