Friday, September 4, 2009

New Safari Gives Away Secrets

I updated my mac. They've redone Safari to feel more...I don't know, media friendly? (Not the media, media like it might as well be a big screen TV)

and the opening screen is a compilation of the sites you visit most frequently... I guess.

Here are my embarrassing secrets.

Facebook Gmail OKCupid ThisBlog
Blogger LibraryRequests AlbanyPublicLibrary YouTube
Amazon Vimeo Etsy Ally's Blog

EDIT: visually appealing as this screen may be, it is infinitely bad for my (usually nonexistent) ADD. I think of Googling something, I open a new page, I forget what it was, because that new page is no longer about:blank.

Sometimes, however, the page I want is one displayed and I can just click and that's nice.

1 comment:

ally said...

so honored to see my eyes peepin' in the corner!