Friday, April 3, 2009

Letter of Recommendation

I was subbing the other day and I noted to a few people that the kids seemed especially argumentative that day. I'm not sure what it was. It started first period, when one student, at the end of class, asked me to make sure to give this note directly to her teacher. "Why don't you hand deliver it? That way, you'll be sure it makes its way directly to her"

She would have none of that. We all know she just wanted me to read it. After all, who delivers a demerit against themselves? What about the fifth amendment? So, I pocketed it to scan and post on the internet and point out how lame she is.

Speaking of amendments.....though I've been working on not arguing with students, they've gotten me on this one bit.

When I ask them to stop talking, more and more they claim the right to "free speech".

I know that it does not give you the right to run your mouth in the middle of my class, but more of the right to express yourself without censorship. But how, exactly, is that? Isn't it some part of something that students are supposed to follow school rules to enable education for all? Thoughts?


Picked Off said...

what in the world is jan sere?

Emily said...

it is the name of another student

Ed Marcelle said...

i had a teacher who used to say something to the effect of " you can have all the freedom you want. if you want to be disruptive, talk, screw around be my guest and leave now." he would then give an attendance or some other simple quiz. within a week, the screw offs had GPA's plummeting worse than the stock market.