Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few random thoughts.

I have at least one friend who is on his way to becoming a movie star. I'm excited for him and the little Granny-Smith-Fourth-Grade-Play part of me is a bit jealous and a bit kicking myself for not attempting to be an extra. It could have been fun.

I've finally got my house to the point where I could have guests. So you are invited over. I don't know what came over me. Perhaps it was the longer daylight hours, maybe it had something to do with not being behind on my grad school work. Either way, I cleaned places that have been cluttered since I moved in. And it feels good.

I have shared my working spaces in other places, but incase you are interested, both small rooms of my apartment are dedicated to making art or working, studios if you will. Since they are once again work-in-able, I've taken some shots. Here is where I make my arts at:

Sewing / Drawing / Cutting / Computing Room

Print Room.

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