Thursday, April 16, 2009

How I feel about where I live

So I live in South Troy. Many people have choice words for this area, but I am quite fond of it. I live right where they stop taking such nice care of the sidewalks and foliage, and my rent reflects this neglect, which I quite like. I really enjoy being able to afford living alone. My upstairs neighbor is adorable. Proof:

I mean, I always keep my doors locked and I don't leave my windows open at night or when I'm not there. I take my precautions, and I'm not stupid, but I'm usually not afraid of where I live.

A couple months ago, one of my neighbors attacked one of my other neighbors. "She's crazy" we said, and now we all do our best to avoid her, and maybe we carry mag-lites when we think she might be around.

Monday night, I went jogging with Beth (in another super safe neighborhood) and when I got home, I was alarmed to find someone in my backyard shining a flashlight into my window, and on my door and into the windows of the house next door. I immediately called both of my upstairs neighbors: is that you? They called me back a half our later: "we're in Albany! Are you alive?"

I turned on my back yard light for a while, and stayed away from the windows, locked my doors. Other people share our yard. Could have been any one of them.

Wednesday night, I hear what sounds like my upstairs neighbor's door slam closed (we've gotta slam doors around here or they don't shut all the way). Immediately my phone rings. It's her: "are you making a lot of noise?" she asks.

I mean...I was sawing apart metal about a half hour ago...

"no, no, just now. It sounded like you were going out of your door maybe?"

I thought that was you, coming in.

"I haven't been out all day...omigod there are people trying to get in my house!"


"The house is surrounded by people yelling......oh! there are four policemen arresting one man in our yard"

At this point we are both standing...most the same spot on different floors, watching four nondescript policemen kneeling and handcuffing a large black man.....somewhere between my garden and my compost bin.


Apparently, he had jumped on our roof while evading arrest. That was the noise.

But still, I think I'll stick around. I'm just glad the police where right there to deal with the matter.

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Today: said...

Yo yo yo. South Troy is where its at. Don't give up!