Friday, January 1, 2010

Twenty Ten yadda yadda

Everyone is doing all of their looking back, looking forward stuff. It is now 2010, so I guess I'll do some of the same.

2009 has its good moments. That month-long road trip I took? Pretty sweet. Getting Chickens? Check. Discovering the community side to YouTube and gaining 100+ subscribers? That was cool. Keeping in touch? More or less. With Hands? Yea, I put in a lot of work with that.

2009, failures: 50 Book challenge. Granted, I only picked that up in say...August or September, but still. If I had finished Twilight and this other book, I would totally have made it. And...being a fatty. I gained some pudge which isn't pretty:

Alan Lastufka is taking serious measure with his own fitness, breaking out spreadsheets to keep himself accountable. I'm considering asking him for some...but I a) don't have a scale and b) haven't seen a huge correlation between how much I weigh and how chubby I look (I feel like you're going to call me a liar for this...but I'm being very serious).

I really need to start jogging more. It has been so frakking cold and last year when I tried to run at the indoor track at HVCC there was a huge issue with it. I guess I'll have to try harder this winter, and take better advantage of the warmer days. I should also get a head start on the 50 Book Challenge and maybe actually accomplish it this year. I would really like to start getting up earlier than I need to so I can exercise in the morning....maybe a little Rodney Yi abs yoga. More walking whilst hanging out. I actually got a little start on that tonight; I requested that my friend Erica take a walk with me.

Craig Benzine is making promises for 100,000 subscribers:

Which he totally deserves. He is endlessly hilarious, and if you have a YouTube account, you should subscribe to him. (Scratch that...even if you don't you should MAKE a YouTube account so that you CAN subscribe to him!) Yellow button.

I'll just be happy if I can do 1/100th of that by the end of the year. Not that that is a resolution.

And of course, I'm excited for VidCon, and graduating grad school, and taking a summer course at the Center for Cartoon Studies. I'm also really nervous about this last semester of grad school, so I'm not going to make any big resolutions...or plans or promises for this semester at all.

I turn 25 in 25 days.

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AlanDistro said...

Good luck with the year ahead. I hope you accomplish 2/100th's!