Sunday, January 17, 2010


I, like many of you, am a digital packrat. I never really delete anything. I still have the hurtful song lyrics that a certain someone e-mailed me 5 years ago. Beyond what is on my computer, I don't delete any of my accounts on the internet. I'm sure that my geocities stuff is gone, and I wonder about my AOL-hosted guinea pig websites. I know that my MySpace is still there, however much I neglect it. Today I discovered that my DeviantArt account is still in existence (I had tried to sign in a few months ago when I remembered about it, and I took the error message to mean they had deleted me -- not so!)

And then there is LiveJournal. No one really uses LiveJournal anymore... I mean, no one but Corinne. A lot of my friends deleted their LJ accounts, but I never did, because, like I said, I'm a digital packrat.

Today I wanted to post something that I didn't want to share with the world at large. So, if you knew me in 2005 and you never deleted your LJ, I encourage you to try to remember your user name and password and log on. With all this glorious grown up public blogger stuff, I forgot that I sometimes appreciate privacy.

(This is mostly for you GoogleReader lurkers who I bet still have your LJ accounts)

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Stephanie Relyea said...

I still have my like... 4 accounts i had on LJ though i dont write anymore. They are fun to go back and read though!