Thursday, November 12, 2009

Before I put on my makeup

Tuesday night I got a call asking me to sub for this tech teacher at Troy High. I really like subbing there, and the job was from Thursday until Monday. I was psyched. I received a call asking me to babysit Thursday, a call from a teacher asking me to sub for him Thursday, and a whole bunch of other things of the sort. Wednesday night (no school Wednesday) I went on the subfinder website to double check the name of this teacher I was covering for. It was then I noticed that the multi-day job went beyond Monday. It went all the way until Monday the 30th. Could I be the tech teacher that long? Wouldn't the students have to be working on actual projects? Wouldn't I be responsible if they cut their fingers off? I tried not to worry about it, and told myself I would have to make sure my grad school work was done with plenty of time to spare if I wouldn't be able to take the Monday off.

This morning, just as I was waking up for the job, I got a phone call from the Troy line.

That's odd. Generally I only get calls for that day during the morning, and I'm already subbing today. I answered anyway.

"This. is. a. cancellation. notification." The computer voice told me.

Who is the jerk who asks me to sub for almost three weeks and then cancelled the whole shebang right before I have to be there? Do you know how many other ways I could have been earning money today? Grrrrrr....

So instead, I used today to run errands. I lost my wallet on that fateful day before Halloween, and now that I've cleaned my house and searched my car, I'm ready to give up on finding it. I already replaced my library card (that was painful. I'm no longer 21182004831864 and now I've got a new 14 digit number to memorize), my discover card, I called up today to cancel my debit card (and there hasn't been any activity on it, so I feel like it still might be someplace findable) and located the DMV in Troy to get a new license.

I've been putting this off because I had been having all my legal stuff point to my parents address, but now that I'm 24, they can't claim me as a dependent and it makes as much financial sense to admit that I live in Troy. Also, the picture on my license is from when I turned 16. I have long, yellow hair that gets more and more neon with each new license they send me. When I turned 21 I looked bad the day I went to renew my license so I kept the picture that was on it. Nowadays, bouncers give me funny looks like "you-really-expect-me-to-believe-this-is-you?" and when I get pulled over cops hassle me for not living where my license says. So, this is only forcing what is long overdue.

I grabbed my passport, a pay stub, and a national grid bill and headed to the DMV. Immediately upon arriving, I was asked to sign a piece of paper and stand in front of a gray wall. After this, I was given a form to fill out, so I went to the back counter and checked boxes and filled in numbers. When I was finished, I went to get in line to finish up, and had some trouble getting around this lady who had been standing next to me. At the very moment as I tried to squeeze past her, she decided it was also time to get in line. She walked one pace in front of me all the way through the snaking lines to the place of the torn This Is How You Spread Germs feat. fake Jim Halpert poster. Her (presumably) kids squeezed past me. They were at least of driving age, but probably not older than me, a girl and a guy. The girl wore one of those drawstring backpacks with a large button on it, and the guy had black framed glasses. The girl looked at me, and then gave me a curious glance downward. I looked at her and then glanced down at myself too. What's so curious about a 24 year old wearing a nice black top, makeup, black jewelry with sweatpants and pink skull boat shoes while holding a cloche hat, multi-color hobo style scarf and a book intended for teenagers?


My new license picture is sooo good. Maybe I'll scan it when it arrives (if I haven't changed my mind about it by then)

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