Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You're Giving Me a Headache.

I was substituting in this high school a few weeks ago, and a boy came up to me in the hall and said: "See, I don't even remember you!!"

If he hadn't said that, I wouldn't have recalled anything. As it stands, what I recall is pretty vague. I think I got mad at him for being disrespectful and pulled the "one day you'll remember this and feel so ashamed for what a jerk you were being" card.

Today I subbed in a middle school. I would have gotten 3 planning periods, which is unheard of, but they stuck me in this self-contained classroom with another teacher. I didn't really do anything the whole class, I sort of helped one or two kids. One kid who I wasn't helping kept walking over to the desk where I was sitting and trying to fight me.

"C'mon. Let's do this. Right here."

I would tell him very quietly and flatly to sit down.


"Ask you again. Please sit down."

Ay, yi, yi.

All the teachers take off because they can't handle the crazy before the holiday-ness, but I can't handle it either!

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ally said...


and you still want to be a teacher?

i must admit, that's pretty cute that kid said he doesn't remember you.