Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Men I Love

In no particular order...

Liam Lynch

The genius behind Sifl & Olley, My United States of Whatever, The Tenacious D Movie and DVD. Also, have you ever checked out his podcast? Besides being a genius at what he does, Liam is an upright citizen, as per his advice given in his viewer mail / vlog. Also, this renaissance man is super cute.

David Sedaris

Read any of his books. He is wonderful and hilarious.

Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers *is* McSweeney's, and if that isn't enough, and you haven't read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius or What is the What, then surely you must check out Giraffes? Giraffes! and Your Disgusting Head.

Ron Howard

Opie Taylor, Richie Cunningham, Arrested Development? Yes, please.

Dan Savage

He's snarky and sassy, and except for his pro-cheating stance, I think he gives really good advice in Savage Love, his weekly syndicated sex/relationship advice column and podcast.

Rob Kalin

Cute, red-headed...oh yea, and he founded Etsy.

Ira Glass

Listen to This American Life. His way of speaking to the radio public is a soothing change from the quasi-robotic all-business manner of many other public radio DJs. Sorry Ian.

Michael Cera

I think that I love Michael Cera in the way that everyone else loves Michael Cera. It feels like I alone appreciate his dorky charm and adorable-ness, but the reality of the matter is, it isn't hidden from anyone. It is the sort of situation I find myself in a lot. (I once dated a boy who didn't realize that others appreciated his dorky charm and adorable-ness, so I told him and told him until he believed me and consequently left me).

I am excited and terrified to see his rendition of Nick Twisp if they ever come out with Youth In Revolt.

Johnny Depp

Sure, Johnny Depp is hot, but that isn't what puts him on this list. What it is is that he is just such a versatile actor. Every movie I see him in, it could be an entirely different person, and I would believe it. He has done creepy, sexy, scary, and homoerotic excellently.

Dr. Frank N. Furter

I'm not a huge Tim Curry fan, but regardless....

never before has (and perhaps never again will) a man in fishnets and heels been so attractive.

The Fonz

So Henry Winkler was pretty cute in the movie Katherine (with Sissy Spacek - a gem in the wasteland of $1 DVDs by the Wal-Mart checkout), and he was pretty creepy in Arrested Development (ay, he oughta be), but there was no one as cool as the Fonz. (Perhaps it was a little sad or not cool that he was so concerned with being cool, but unlike all the other nerds out there, he pulled it off somehow)

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Picked Off said...

Ira could outbroadcast me if they mic'ed up his coma.