Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Factory Tours

Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour:
WHERE? Waterbury, VT
COST? $3
THIS INCLUDES? 1 1/2" Button
1 scoop IC
30 minutes, most of which involves looking at videos. The only part where you get to see the factory is when they stick you in an observing tower type room in the top center of the tiny factory and sort of point to things.

Cabot Creamery Visitor's Center (Factory Tour)
WHERE? Cabot, VT
COST? $2
THIS INCLUDES? 1 cow print rubber bracelet (the livestrong type)
As much cheese and samples as you can stomach
30 minutes, perhaps 10 or less of which involves looking at videos. This tour walks you along and through the factory, with giant windows and close up views of everything that is happening. The video really defends all of the decisions that they make, such as the choice of incorporating 2 robots into production.

VERDICT? The button and Ice Cream were probably better tchotchkes, but the Ben & Jerry's tour was probably less enjoyable than if I had just watched about it on Unwrapped. The Cabot tour was much better, I didn't love the bracelet, and you didn't need to go on the tour to eat the cheese samples. However, for a dollar less, it was a much more enjoyable half hour. Neither tour guide knew quite as much as I had hoped they would.

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