Monday, May 7, 2012

Mysoginistic Implications

I haven't made a video on YouTube in a while, so I don't often get emails from them. (the new layout is pretty intimidating to me and I've mostly stayed away from the site)

but the other day, someone left me a comment on THIS video.

here's what it said:

"I like your username. It's very clever. Well, sort of. Too bad you're not pretty, though."

It seems like trollingLITE, or maybe an attempt to engage me by pretending like this person wasn't just out to get to me. So this user is saying my username is sort of very clever? Those adjectives pretty much cancel each other out. Whatever.

What I find more interesting and telling is: "Too bad you're not pretty, though."

Too bad I'm not pretty? Would that have baring on my username? On the content on my video? The video is about the juxtaposition of the book I'm reading to the electrical grid behind me. There needn't be a person in the video at all, save for the fact that I wanted the book to be being read.

Why the hell does it matter if I'm pretty or not? Am I trying to model? To win a beauty contest? To attract suitors? 


I don't care whether randos on the internet think I'm ugly, but the phrasing implies that something would be improved if my looks were more agreeable to the commentor. What should be improved? Nothing. That, as a woman, I must live up to some abstract beauty ideal is ridiculous, and it strikes me as misogynistic.

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