Monday, August 22, 2011

Jay and Silent Bob and Kevin Smith

So I recently, per advice of a close friend, began listening to the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old and Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs podcasts. I also watched or rewatched most all of the View Askew movies.

In the movies, the character Jay (played by Jason Mewes) is pretty mean to the character Silent Bob (played by Kevin Smith).

In the podcasts, Kevin Smith is excruciatingly mean to Jason Mewes.

The character Jay is based on actual Jason Mewes, so in this thought experiment, let's meld them together, shall we?

So: Kevin Smith bullies Jay bullies Silent Bob.

If there was an alternate universe in which both Kevin Smith and Silent Bob existed, how would they interact? Would he bully him worse than he bullies Jay? Not as much?

Would they be pals like the dog and the mouse are on all those cartoons also involving a cat?

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