Monday, October 4, 2010

Beard Math (Things that are mutually exclusive)

[Your polygon being] Squares and triangles.
[Your non-layered attire being] Skirts and dresses.
[Your facial hair being] Beards and Goatees.

Last night I was schooled by Bobby (and probably Eric and Cody too) about the proper use of the term beard. I previously had believed it to include any substantial chin-covering facial hair, but now I know the truth. Apparently, if there's no real cheek coverage, then there is no real beard. Forgive my errors of ignorance over these past 10+ years. I really thought it worked out that bushy goatees were beards, but beards weren't necessarily bushy goatees. Much like how a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn't necessarily a square. I feel like my ignorance in this area is due to my lack of testosterone, much like a lack of estrogen has led many men to confuse skirts and dresses.
goatee does not equal beard

Thanks 1 & 2 for supplying the fodder for this mashup.


Bobby Jones said...

your ignorance is forgiven.

Cody said...

I love you :D

Justin (aka Justtubed aka thejealousone said...

skirts and dresses aren't the same?