Sunday, February 28, 2010

a review of Tom Milsom's Explorers 1, or: You're a beautiful person, Tom Milsom.

Tom Milsom's 5 song EP Explorers 1 is a mix of many things. It is filled with emotion, both giddy and melancholy. Pin/South explores the continuum between sound and music, and the album as a whole explores the continuum between music and art. As a huge Alan Kaprow fan, it forces me to reexamine my perceptions of art and music, and why I only know one John Cage piece (4'33"). It forces me to question why I only listen to the more "palatable" songs by Deerhoof and Animal Collective, yet will sit listening to whatever in a gallery for 45 minutes.

And furthermore, why do I consider Miranda July's The Binet-Simon Test and 10 Million Hours a Mile art while I merely think of No One Belongs Here More Than You as simply 'short stories'?

All that said, I think you'll find Flags of Every Color and Super Sunshine to your liking if you are already a fan of Porphyrophobia and Summersong.

Have a listen.

And Tom, I don't typically review music....but I do critique art. And I didn't want to let you down.

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