Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stalking on a new level

Or maybe it doesn't have to be that creepy...

So you sign up for this code, and you can assign this code a website, which could be your facebook page or really any website you wanted. The code is a bullseye type black and white pixel thing, and you don't have to wear it on your clothing. So other people who know about this have an application downloaded on their cellphones, take a picture of your circle, which when done crisply, leads them to your website. I suppose this could be used for good, but the clothing sold by W-41 is a) creepy as well as b) not that interesting. I don't see why I couldn't put this logo on something else. Also, how creepy would it be to photograph someone's back to check their facebook page to maybe send them a message: "Hey, I'm right behind you". Horror movie in the making?

This site doesn't seem to advocate the clothing aspect.

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