Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obligatory Inauguration Post

Tuesday, like most Tuesdays, I subbed. Unlike most Tuesdays, this one happened to be inauguration day. Unlike most inauguration days, I actually watched the TV coverage this time. During the last period of the day, sitting in the library with three students, I found myself asking one of them to keep his voice down and 'stop swearing in the library'. Clearly, school isn't for swearing, especially not the library. He didn't see it this way. "Obama president now! Black people do what'ere they want! ........we 'gon paint the white house black. We'll call it the black house."

I, of course, felt obligated to inform him that Obama's momma's white. He decided that instead of painting the house gray, it would be half black, half white, and Obama would sleep in the center.

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