Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can I Buy You A Drink?

When you're out at a bar, you get chatted up, and perhaps someone will offer to buy you a drink. This happens much more in movies than it does in my life, but it does happen every now and then. Just now, however, I got chatted up on the street, on my way to the store, and had a fellow attempt to pay for my half gallon of milk. What an odd thing.

I'm walking to the store because I think I don't get enough physical activity, and I'm trying to incorporate it more in my transportation. I could ride my bike but I'm in no hurry, and I think walking will provide more exercise. Also, not driving is sooo good for the earth and society and etcetera.

So I do this thing where if I cross someone on the street at night, I try to make eye contact and say hello. The reasons behind this are twofold: friendliness/community and also, it makes me a less appealing target if I can pick someone out of a lineup.

So as I'm walking to the store to get some milk just now, a short exchange of "hello"s and "how are you"s led to asking my name and walking with me the rest of the way to the store. Over the course of our walk, he asked me what I do for fun. I told him that I make videos on the internet, that I'm an artist, that I'm a creative type. He told me he raps. I asked him if he freestyles. He said he did and proved his worth by throwing down some rhymes that were about me but would really work for any girl he was chatting up.

When we got to the store he waited by the register and tried to pay for my milk. I, of course, wouldn't let him. I mean, what? It was just too weird a situation to accept a......drink.

As we left I told him that I was headed home and as nice as he was, I wasn't ready for him to know where I lived. He seemed to understand and asked if he could have my number or give me his. I asked if that, too, could wait until we ran into each other again.

As I walked home I wondered: would I have given that guy my number if he was wearing a plaid shirt and horn-rimmed glasses instead of a flat-brimmed baseball cap with his hair in braids? Is it terrible to favor someone of my own culture / subculture?



Eric's Every New Day said...

Offering to buy someone milk at a store is pretty weird.

In regards to the last bit there: I think that it isn't wrong favor someone of your own [sub]culture. I probably wouldn't date someone of the typical popular hot girl variety unless they also broke a lot of those "stereotypical" characteristics.

My friends tell me finding a girl might be harder with a beard but kind of don't want to be with someone who hates beards.

Opinion completed.

Sarah said...

I would do exactly the same thing and yes I've noticed that I too am much more attracted to a guy if he's from the same subculture as me. It's silly I know but I just can't help it.

( from genericfirstname because I don't have the right kind of account to let you know which Sarah I am).

Samantha Jay said...

Wow -- buying my milk! That would be a new one.

And no, it's not strange to prefer your own (sub)culture. We tend to cling to what we like and is our fancy. Imagine if you got into a relationship with a guy who shared none of your interests or ideas on life. You would have a hard time agreeing on day-to-day stuff like: Where to live, how to raise the kids, and even (lol) what kind of milk to buy.