Monday, December 14, 2009

SantaCon and Tom Milsom's NYC Launch Party

In which Emily recounts her time spent this past Saturday (12/12/09) in New York City with her mother, stumbling upon SantaCon and meeting Charlie McDonnell, Edd Plant, Tom Milsom, Alex Day, Michael Markman, and some other YouTubers / Nerdfighters.

soon there will be more than two full songs here.

Cool things? My videos embedded on Tom's website.

and Alex's website.

and then Michael Markman, who set up the show, tweeted:

Mickeleh: Best video I've seen on the NY gig of @eddplant @realnerimon @hexachordal and @coollike thanks @ChateauOfADoubt (RT by myself and @liliesarelike who is Charlie's mum and some 12 year old girl from Florida).

and then a comment on said video from Charlie's mum.

Blah blah blah, I know you don't care, but this is my blog, and I want to record these things.

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